Aminofer Capsules


This is a preparation containing Amino Acids, Iron and Vitamin. The Glycine, Histidine and Lysine (GHL) advantage of Amino Acids translate to Rapid Absorption, Higher bio-availability; Safe & Well tolerated Product with Excellent Efficacy and Increasing Haemoglobin level constantly.

It is indicated in Pregnancy, Lactation and Nutrition Deficiency Anaemia.

Aminofer is present in liquid and soft gel capsules. The soft gel capsules have some unique advantages as been tasteless, odourless, faster onset of action and its better tolerated.


Clinical Pharmacology

Aminofer capsules offer the dual advantage of a unique Iron Salt Ferrous Glycine sulphate, an Amino acid bound iron and GHL advantage (i.e) provides 3 individual Amino acids Glycine, Histidine, Lysine because of which Aminofer capsules provide Dual benefit
• Rapid rise in Hemoglobin levels
• Relatively free from Gastric irritation

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Other Info

Aminofer capsules are well tolerated and can be safely prescribed to all age groups, it has no known contraindications, mild GI disturbance rarely noticed if any side effect is noticed discontinue the medication and consult Doctor.