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Acycor Plus

Acycor Plus

Acycor contains aceclofenac  100mg. Acycor plus tablets has in addition paracetamol 500mg in a fixed dose combination. They belong to a group of medicines called Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. They are beneficial in relieving pain and inflammation in patients suffering from arthritis of the joints (osteoarthritis), autoimmune disease  that causes chronic inflammation of the joints ( rheumatoid arthritis), and arthritis of the spine which can lead to fusion of the vertebra ( ankylosing sspondylitis). Its selectivity for COX 2 pathway puts Acycor ahead of other NSAIDs in terms of safety and efficacy.


  • ACYCOR PLU S: A4-9021
  • ACYCOR TAB   : A4-4595  


23 January 2015



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