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Backache is the most complaints of patients. In fact, low back pain strikes four out five people at any time in their lives. Muscle strain of the lower back cause debilitating back pain. Realflex is our brand of phenylramidol 400mg formulated to meet the therapeutic gap in low back pain management. Realflex is a non narcotic, non sedating, non opioid, non habit forming single active drug that combines both action of anagelsic and muscle relaxant in a convenient oral dosage.

Its unmatched safety and tolerability profile makes Realflex a first line in the management of lumbago, integumental pain and  musculoskeletal pain.


Clinical Pharmacology

The mechanism of the muscle relaxant effect of phenyramidol HCI (REALFLEX®) is due to blocking of the interneurons and polysynaptic reflexes. REALFLEX® breaks pain strain chain by blocking polysynaptic reflexes in brain and medulla spinalis. In this manner, it relieves muscle tension, and it has a strong analgesic effect on muscle pain. It does not affect monosynaptic reflexes.

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Other Info

After oral administration, the drug is readily absorbed from the GI tract. Peak plasma concentration is achieved in 40-45 minutes. The elimination half-life is found to be approximately 11 hours. Considerable amount is principally excreted as glucuronide into urine. Small proportions are also excreted in the feces