REMAL is a compound containing 40mg of dihydroartemisinin and 320mg of Piperaquine Phosphate and necessary excipients in each tablet, REMAL has a rapid and powerful plasma schizonticide with rapid symptom control and effectiveness for multi-drug resistant falciparum malaria, and remarkable inhibitory effect on falciparum gametocyte thus minimizing the malaria transmissibility, Pharmacodynamic studies on mice and monkeys demonstrated that two ingredients of REMAL have obvious synergistic effect
REMAL is used in the treatment of all kinds of malaria including chloroquine-resistant P.falciparium and P.vivax malaria.
1. Those who are allergic to any of the two active ingredients are prohibited to use.
2. Those with severe liver or kidney diseases, haematophathy (e.g Leucopenia or thrombocytopenia) porphyria are prohibited to use.


Clinical Pharmacology

The product is a compound antimalarial drug containing dihydroartemisinin and piperaquine. Dihydroartemisinin has the strong schizontocidal action against Plasmodium agamic body and can destroy plasmodium rapidly, controlling the symptoms immediately.
Pharmacological studies show that the combination of the two products has a synergistic effect, and postpone drug resistance of Plasmodium. Toxicological studies show that, compared with an individual ingredient, theoretical LD50 of compound dihydroartemisinin is 806.7 mg/kg, while the test result is 964.26mg/kg, the ratio is 0.84, which is far less than 2.5. the toxicity of RMAL does not increase.

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Other Info

• Swallow the tablets with a little water, after a meal.
• For young children, tablets can be crushed and given with some water.
• Medicine are given only once a day, a complete treatment is for 3 days