Reprofen Ranges


Reprofen syrup in this exciting new pack and a more appealing and palatable taste is a banana flavoured coloured  suspension containing 100mg of ibuprofen in each 5mls supply. It is the first ibuprofen suspension manufactured in Nigeria with guaranteed superior relief from fever, pain and inflammatory conditions in children.

Its excellent safety and tolerability profile as evidenced from the Boston University fever study makes Reprofen a better alternative. It is also available in tablet form containing 400mg of ibuprofen.


Clinical Pharmacology

Reprofen is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID). It has an effect on the action of prostaglandins in the body. Reprofen works by blocking the action of the cyclooxygenase enzymes peripherally known as Cox-1 and Cox-2.

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Other Info

Reprofen is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and peak concentrations in plasma are reached after 15-30 minutes.
The half-life in plasma is about 2 hours. Reprofen is extensively (99%) bound to plasma, proteins, but the drug occupies only a fraction of the total drug-binding sites at usual concentrations.
Reprofen passes slowly into the synovial spaces and may remain there in higher concentration as the concentration in plasma declines.
The excretion of Reprofen is rapid and complete. More than 90% of an ingested dose is excreted in the urine as metabolites or their conjugates. The major metabolites are hydroxylated or carboxylated compounds.