Retrax Syrup


It is our brand of levamisole 40mg tablet and syrup which has a broad antihelminthic action with a simple convenient once daily dosage. It is safe for all age groups (including children <2years and females of child-bearing age) and well tolerated by children and adults.  It has been tried experimentally in rheumatic disorders where it apparently restores the immune response by increasing macrophage chemotaxis and T- lymphocyte function.


Clinical Pharmacology

Pharmacological Properties
Levamisole is a fast acting drug which acts on nematode nerve ganglia paralyzing the worm’s muscular within minutes of contact. Unable to maintain their position, the worms are then ejected by normal peristaltic movement, usually within 24hours of Levamisole administration. Although it is certain that Levamisole primarily influences the neuromuscular system of nematodes, it is possible that in some helminths the inhibition of the fumarate reductase system contributes to the anthelmintic efficacy of Levamisole.

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Other Info

In case of severe hookworm infection, it is suggested that a second standard dose is given one week or seven days after the first, whichever timing is feasible.