Is Rapid Climax a Problem?

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Rapid Climax also known as Premature Ejaculation happens when an individual has an orgasm sooner than they or their partner would like. This can happen before or shortly after penetration.

There is no set time for how long a person should “last” during sexual activity. But when an individual has an orgasm before they want to, they lose their erection and can’t continue with intercourse. Rapid Climax ( PE ) can be frustrating and embarrassing. One may have difficulty satisfying the partner. Rapid Climax (PE) can cause problems with intimacy and damage relationships.

Rapid Climax ( PE ) is a common problem. Up to 40% of individuals have this problem at some time in their lives.

A number of emotional and physical factors can lead to Rapid Climax (PE). It may happen when a person becomes too excited or stimulated or if the manhood is very sensitive. It may also happen if one is nervous or uncomfortable with a new partner. Other common causes include the following:

  • Anxiety about performance
  • Guilty feelings
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction

People who have a low amount of serotonin may have problem with Rapid Climax (PE)

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