GHL Advantage of Amino Acids

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GHL advantage of Amino Acids
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AMINO ACIDS : GHL amino acids

Glycine – Out of the 22 amino acids vital for our body to function and manufacture proteins, glycine is the smallest and simplest. It is also the second most widespread amino acid found in human enzymes and proteins. Glycine is a conditional amino acid in that though the body can synthesize it, illness and stress can limit this synthesis thereby requiring dietary supplementation. Glycine has several important roles in the body including biosynthesis of heme (key component of haemoglobin), mental health, blood sugar regulation, muscle growth, tissue repair among others. Dietary sources are fish, meat, diary foods, soybeans, banana and beans.


Histidine – is an essential amino acid the body requires to produce haemoglobin (oxygen-transporter), histamine (immune response modulator), glutamate (neurotransmitter) and ferritin (body’s store for iron). Good natural sources of histidine include apple, carrots, garlic, cucumber.


Lysine – This is a key essential amino acid that helps to build a healthy immune system. It also assists with the formation of collagen (skin structure) and muscle tissue. Good sources of lysine include fish, eggs, cheese, potatoes

Eating a balanced diet rich in these amino acids is vital for good health and vitality. However, in the event of sub-optimal levels in the diet, taking dietary supplements like Aminofer regularly can ensure the body receives the recommended daily amounts.

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